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Jems stands for the Joint Electronic Monitoring System. Built on HIT 2021-2027, Jems provides a purpose built monitoring system on a free-license basis which means there is no charge for the software. It has been co-developed with the knowledge of Interreg programmes and a wide tester pool to create a harmonised, user-friendly software.

Jems is build taking into consideration that more than one-third of the Interreg community will use the system to have their e-cohesion requirements met.

Although not a legal guarantee, one of the main advantages of using the harmonised system is increased confidence in compliance with the new regulations. You will also benefit from dedicated support through the Jems Helpdesk run by Interact, as well as peer-to-peer support from other programmes using Jems.

Jems was launched in March 2021 and any programme wanting to use the new system can sign a license agreement to use the software by contacting the Jems team.

In order to get access to Jems, your programme shall follow the procedure:

1. Programme’s should email jems@interact.eu and express an interest in testing the software before potentially using it in the 2021–2027 period.

2. You will receive a license agreement that will need to be signed by your programme’s hosting institution to receive the installation files and instructions.

3. The Programme should then ensure all the technical steps outlined below are completed. It is strongly recommended that you test Jems before starting to use the software with real data.

While Jems is easy to use, there are vital technical requirements that must be met:

1. Detailed specifications are available in the Jems community, particularly the documents ‘Jems Technical Specifications’, ‘Jems Installation Instructions’ and ‘Pre-installation Instructions’. You should ensure a competent IT officer reads these documents and that the programme can meet the requirements, including having a budget for hosting and maintaining the installation and any customisation.

2. Interact strongly recommends every programme maintains a separate test environment to check all updates before installing on the main system, ideally as part of an IT maintenance contract (if not managed in-house).

3. Programmes will have access to the source code, enabling programmes that want specific extras to create their own add-ons.


Try our software online using our public demo installations of Jems!

Released Jems

*recommended for production environment
  • https://stable-jems.interact.eu/
  • admin@jems.eu
  • programme.user@jems.eu
  • application.user@jems.eu
  • *all users have same password Jemsjems123

Latest developments

Non-stable version for early review purposes
  • https://latest-jems.interact.eu
  • admin@jems.eu
  • programme.user@jems.eu
  • application.user@jems.eu
  • *all users have same password Jemsjems123


Support for Jems comes in different forms, from Jems documentation to an helpdesk!


The place where you can report software bugs or ask for help whenever Jems documentation did not suffice.


Online documentation of Jems, from user to IT technical perspective!

Interact Communities

Interact forum that provides a network space for all Jems users.


Access to software requires signed license agreement - Please, contact Jems team

Official release

  • Zip package with ready to run software
  • Embedded automatic update scripts
  • Customizable resources (e.g. mail templates)

Source code

  •  Jems  Core source-code
  •  Plugins  Default plugins code
  •  Interfaces  Required to build plugins

Jems Cloud

  •   Jems community file repository
  •   Show your work to the community
  •   See work done by the community

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